Friday, March 16, 2012

Project Storm Advances New Agenda

The secret Project Storm Agency continued to advance a strange agenda.  Observers were amazed that while no apparent progress had been achieved, tremendous energy had been seen emanating from Project Storm offices..something wicked this way comes?


Books!  Books!  Books!
Graphic Design

"Information is considered classified.  Ideas are too dangerous in the hands of the people." - The Society of Higher Order Directive #6

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Project Focus March 2012

Current project focus includes:

Video Designs of Asheville
Writing Projects
Graphic Arts Projects
Psychic Readings

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Analyitical Framework

Segmented fragmented ideas are used to pull together a core desire.  The need for many profiles is required to keep thoughts categorized.  Categories are necessary to define and contain information into definitions.  These definitions are then used to create mental and logical structure in the mind.  Communication is then possible with others who have these definitions. 

Controlling general definitions and using them to distort the truth is the science of propaganda.  This type of thought control is exerted in order to ensure that the people have no sense of thought.  People who have no mind of their own are easy to control, direct, and tell what to do.  This makes the job of the leader easier in terms of what he or she wishes to create, but has a long term cost of weakening their long term spiritual development.  The costs of lying are thus very high in the long term.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Ultimate Brainstorm

Beyond the brainstorms that you know is an even greater concept that makes brain storms seem small by comparison.  Everything is in our fingertips if we believe it.

Writing Projects
Video Projects
Psychic/Tarot Projects

These are the sorts of projects I need done.  I'm moving forward by taking decisive action.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Project Progress

I have been making progress on my writing projects. Currently I in a writer's block moment. I decided to keep writing during my writer's block moment because being busy is better than not being busy even if the busyness is not terribly effective. While progress is best, sometimes it is necessary to keep working even when progress is slow. This shows great discipline and strength. Work is good, non work is bad. Even when not actually employed, one should be trying to make progress. Progress is good, but nonprogress is bad. Moving is better than staying still. Upwards, downwards, but never frozen. A busy worker is a happy worker. If you must stay still, breathe often. This is what I was taught. Overall I consider this advice to be good.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Writing Season Again

Writing should be fun. Writing season has begun. What to write and have some fun? Only Jesus knows. No wait he doesn't because he's done. Blah blah blah.

Another writing project of Chris of the defunct OOWR. What am I writing? Not sure yet. The issue of knowledge vexes me. What am I to write regarding this most important subject of subjects? Well lets review..

Knowledge is based on words, but words are not knowledge.
Knowing is different than remembering information.
Knowing is grasping the ungraspbable.
Words are seals, they reflect our ability to recognize symbols.
Symbols are not knowledge. Seals are not knowledge.
Knowledge is a dimension. A dimension is a place beyond words where revelations exist.
We must spend time to know. Time is a resource.
One may recognize the symbol but be empty of knowledge regarding its true meaning.
Understanding is the key to knowledge, when one has understood one has grasped the meaning.
Applying knowledge yields power. A master may command the world through knowledge and words of power.

There are knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns, yet knowledge is beyond the sense of self because it is always expanding into consciousness. Knowledge expands, that is its nature. Consciousness witnesses what is known and witnesses the unfolding of the unknown into the known. The 0 represents the eternal unknown that is always retreating at the edge of consciousness, the 1, a symbol representing the eye and all seeing witness of self called "the I" or the ego. Through the process of the unknown becoming known the great work of the ages is revealed to the initiate and through the revelations of the higher "I" that is yet to come the lesser ego is guided toward the realization of the higher self and conscience. This process has been described as "the path" by the western mystery schools. These truths are universal and this process is unfolding in every living being throughout the cosmos (which I shall define as the infinite space filled with infinite worlds).

Though it is impossible to know them all, our journey is one of expanding expression so that we may know all that can be known to us. This is sufficient as the journey has no end and desire guides us through the endless time ahead. While some have called for the end of desire, it would seem that all life would stop without passion so let us say unto the detached ones, get thee hence and trouble our love no more. Infinite life is the only standard by which love can assure the fullfillment of the grand design of the soul, and surely no sane being would object to eternal and infinite life by which they would be granted all they desired, and be given right to pursue desires even beyond their wildest imagination. Who says no to that? Perhaps some depressed sheeple, but shall we set our standards by the lowest common denominator? That would be a travesty of our power to give it to those who could concieve only of the mediocrity of the past. We are here to overcome the limitations of our imagination by dreaming longer and greater. This can be the only standard of expression to which we should aspire. Perhaps it seems to you absolute, and indeed it is, but what is love if not absolute in its assurances that we are not alone and that our lives are not in vain but comprise a greater story than we could possibly concieve in this low hour of our rebirth into full consciousness. Let us not settle for anything less than complete gratitude for all that we are and all that we are going to become in the endless ages of life to come. This is my definition of malkutha (the kingdom). Peace.